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We want you to be part of us

Our aim and dream is that when you finish our graduate program you will know as much as our leaders do, from talking and listening to the client, to proposing designs that perfectly fit the client's idea and finally creating and producing the prototype.

Why join our graduate program?

We won't try to convince you: we'll tell you about our greatest pride.

Soft drinks, beauty, spirits, brewery and large-scale consumer sector brands surround us in many moments of our daily lives. When we log on to social media, when we go on a walk down the street, when we have breakfast at our usual bar, when we go out for lunch with friends and then have a drink to catch up with them... We continuously see our Marketing Engineering everywhere.

And our greatest pride is to see the streets full of our designs. Because if these brands trust us, why wouldn't you trust us to learn from our success?


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